Masters of Sex stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan are getting mighty comfy on this week’s cover for our Summer TV Preview

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SO:LO - A Sci Fi Romance Short Film

Only 6 days left!

SO:LO - A Sci Fi Romance Short Film

Here it is guys!  The Kickstarter for my short film has just been launched.  Even if you can’t give any money, just help me spread the word so I can find people that would be interested! 

It’s going to be a great and exciting project and I appreciate all you help!  And all you patience as I post this.  Repeatedly….

<333333 Kiri

Promotional Graphic for SO:LO!

SO:LO, the short film

Facebook page for SO:LO is up! Come on, like it! I know you want to! 

A few on set photos from the Test Shoot for SO:LO!


Upstream Color by Shane Carruth

More visual inspiration from Upstream Color.

Kiri Tamte-Horan (thesolofim) on Twitter

Everlasting love for everyone who supports the film <3

Some previous work for you guys to chew on!  Its called shitty things and pancakes.  Enjoy and stay tuned for more on SO:LO

Title: Hommage
Artist: Patrick Watson
Played: 19 times

This song was one of the inspirations for writing SO:LO.  So many beautiful visual images came to mind.

I imagined one woman walking slowly through a crowd of people who were frozen in time, the light reflecting on the screen slightly as she touched one of the people as if in a dream.

All of Patrick Watson’s music is so beautiful, can you picture it?

Definitely taking some low budget sci-fi cues from Another Earth.  It’s less about the surreal world the characters are dropped into than the journey they go on.

I mean, if SO:LO turned out that good…

“Then everything will be frozen, like a snapshot of one instant, forever.”

Professor José Senovilla

SO:LO is based on a real theory that one day time will come to an end.

SO:LO has a Twitter.

And currently, it’s very lonely.  Help a filmmaker out and spread the word, spread the twitter, and follow for news on the project!


Another piece of Visual Style inspiration.  If only SO:LO was taking place in The Bathtub.

Behn always has the perfect amount of magic and fantasy in his films, which I would love to achieve as well.  By the way, have you seen the short that he used to raise money to make Beasts? Check it out here!!

More info on SO:LO coming soon!

Visual Style inspiration for SO:LO from Upstream Color (dir. Shane Carruth).

The way the light catches on the screen is beautiful, and I have always been a sucker for a great handheld shot.

Stay tuned for more on my Short Film Thesis, SO:LO!

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